namespace OSP


Namespaces: Auth, BundleSign, Mail, Shell, Web, WebEvent

Classes: Bundle, BundleActivator, BundleContext, BundleContextFactory, BundleDirectory, BundleEvent, BundleEvents, BundleException, BundleFactory, BundleFile, BundleFilter, BundleInstallException, BundleInstallerService, BundleLoadException, BundleLoader, BundleManifest, BundleProperties, BundleRepository, BundleResolveException, BundleSealedException, BundleStateException, BundleStorage, BundleStreamFactory, BundleUninstallException, BundleVersionConflictException, CodeCache, Configuration, ExtensionPoint, ExtensionPointService, IdentifierToken, LanguageTag, ManifestException, NumberLiteralToken, OSPException, OSPSubsystem, OperatorToken, Preferences, PreferencesEvent, PreferencesService, Properties, QLAndExpr, QLEqExpr, QLExistsExpr, QLExpr, QLGeExpr, QLGtExpr, QLLeExpr, QLLtExpr, QLMatchExpr, QLMatchRegExpr, QLNeExpr, QLNotExpr, QLOrExpr, QLParser, QLRelExpr, QLToken, QLTrueExpr, RegExpToken, Service, ServiceEvent, ServiceFactory, ServiceFinder, ServiceListener, ServiceRef, ServiceRegistry, StringLiteralToken, SystemEvents, Version, VersionRange

Functions: operator [], swap


namespace Auth

namespace BundleSign

namespace Mail

namespace Shell

namespace Web

namespace WebEvent


class Bundle

This class represents a Bundle in OSP

class BundleActivator

The BundleActivator is the entry point for every bundle contributing executable code and requiring special action upon startup or shutdown. 

class BundleContext

A BundleContext gives a BundleActivator access to the bundle's runtime environment. 

class BundleContextFactory

This is a factory for BundleContext objects, used by the BundleLoader

class BundleDirectory

BundleDirectory implements the BundleStorage interface for bundles stored in directories. 

class BundleEvent

The BundleEvent class holds information about an event caused by a change to a bundle's state. 

class BundleEvents

This class provides various events that interested parties can subscribe to to become notified whenever the state of a bundle in the system changes. 

class BundleException


class BundleFactory

A factory class for Bundle objects, used by the BundleLoader

class BundleFile

BundleFile implements the BundleStorage interface for bundles stored in Zip files. 

class BundleFilter

A BundleFilter is used by BundleRepository to determine which bundles found in a repository should be loaded. 

class BundleInstallException


class BundleInstallerService

The BundleInstallerService allows a bundle to install other bundles, either from a stream or from a URI

class BundleLoadException


class BundleLoader

The BundleLoader is used internally by the framework to manage Bundle and BundleContext objects, and to load shared libraries containing BundleActivator classes. 

class BundleManifest

The BundleManifest class parses and stores the manifest of a bundle. 

class BundleProperties

A simple wrapper class around Poco::Util::LayeredConfiguration that adds thread safety. 

class BundleRepository

The bundle repository manages one or more directories in the file system containing bundles. 

class BundleResolveException


class BundleSealedException


class BundleStateException


class BundleStorage

BundleStorage manages provides access to all resources stored inside of a bundle. 

class BundleStreamFactory

An implementation of the URIStreamFactory interface that handles Bundle (bndl) URIs for accessing resources stored in bundles. 

class BundleUninstallException


class BundleVersionConflictException


class CodeCache

CodeCache is a utility class that manages the code cache directory where the shared libraries of resolved bundles are kept. 

class Configuration

A simple wrapper class for Poco::Util::AbstractConfiguration, used by the PreferencesService

class ExtensionPoint

An extension point allows a bundle to provide "hooks" that other bundles can hook into to extend a bundle's functionality. 

class ExtensionPointService

The ExtensionPointService allows a bundle to define extension points (or "hooks") where other bundles can "hook in" functionality, thus extending the bundle. 

class IdentifierToken


class LanguageTag

This class implements a RFC 1766 language tag. 

class ManifestException


class NumberLiteralToken


class OSPException


class OSPSubsystem

This subsystem implementation sets up the OSP runtime environment, including BundleLoader, CodeCache and ServiceRegistry

class OperatorToken


class Preferences

Preferences objects are used by bundles to access their stored preferences. 

class PreferencesEvent

The PreferencesEvent class holds information about a changed property in a Preferences object. 

class PreferencesService

The PreferencesService provides an easy way for a bundle or service to retrieve and store configuration information. 

class Properties

The Properties class manages a collection of key-value pairs. 

class QLAndExpr


class QLEqExpr


class QLExistsExpr


class QLExpr

The base class for all Query Language expressions. 

class QLGeExpr


class QLGtExpr


class QLLeExpr


class QLLtExpr


class QLMatchExpr


class QLMatchRegExpr


class QLNeExpr


class QLNotExpr


class QLOrExpr


class QLParser

QLParser implements a parser for property query expressions, such as used by the ServiceRegistry

class QLRelExpr


class QLToken

The base class for all query language tokens. 

class QLTrueExpr


class RegExpToken


class Service

This is the base class for all services registered with the ServiceRegistry

class ServiceEvent

The ServiceEvent class holds information about an event caused by a change to a service registration. 

class ServiceFactory

A ServiceFactory is a special Service that, as its name implies, acts as a factory for Service objects. 

class ServiceFinder

A utility class that simplifies service lookup and instantiation. 

class ServiceListener

ServiceListener objects are used to dynamically react to service registrations and unregistrations. 

class ServiceRef

ServiceRef objects are used by the ServiceRegistry class to manage service registrations. 

class ServiceRegistry

The ServiceRegistry allows a bundle to provide services to other bundle, and to find services provided by other bundles. 

class StringLiteralToken


class SystemEvents

This class provides various events that interested parties can subscribe to to become notified whenever the state of the OSP system changes. 

class Version

This class represents a bundle version number in OSP

class VersionRange

This utility class represents a range of versions. 


operator [] inline

inline std::string Properties::operator[] (
    const std::string & key
) const;

swap inline

inline void swap(
    Properties & p1,
    Properties & p2

swap inline

inline void swap(
    Version & v1,
    Version & v2

swap inline

inline void swap(
    VersionRange & vr1,
    VersionRange & vr2