class BundleDirectory

Library: OSP
Package: Bundle
Header: Poco/OSP/BundleDirectory.h


BundleDirectory implements the BundleStorage interface for bundles stored in directories.


Direct Base Classes: BundleStorage

All Base Classes: BundleStorage, Poco::RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: buildPath, getResource, lastModified, list, path

Inherited Functions: duplicate, getResource, lastModified, list, path, referenceCount, release



    const std::string & path

Creates the BundleDirectory, using the given path which must specify the root directory of the bundle.


~BundleDirectory protected virtual


Destroys the BundleDirectory.

Member Functions

getResource virtual

std::istream * getResource(
    const std::string & path
) const;

lastModified virtual

Poco::Timestamp lastModified(
    const std::string & path
) const;

list virtual

void list(
    const std::string & path,
    std::vector < std::string > & files
) const;

path virtual

std::string path() const;

buildPath protected

Poco::Path buildPath(
    const std::string & path
) const;

Builds a path to a file or directory inside the bundle by concatenating the bundle's path with the given path, and doing various sanity checks along the way.