class Element

Library: XSD/Types
Package: XSDElements
Header: Poco/XSD/Types/Element.h


This class represents an element definition in an XML Schema.


Direct Base Classes: OrderContent

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject, AnnotatedObject, Content, OrderContent, Visitable

Known Derived Classes: ElementTypeRef, AbstractElementImpl, ElementImpl, ElementRef

Member Summary

Member Functions: fixup, getAbstract, getBlockExtension, getBlockRestriction, getBlockSubstitution, getDefault, getFinalExtension, getFinalRestriction, getFixed, getNillable, getQualified, getSubstitutionGroup, hasDefault, hasFixed, hasSubstitutionGroup, iterator, name, nameSpace, setAbstract, setBlockAll, setBlockExtension, setBlockRestriction, setBlockSubstitution, setDefault, setFinalAll, setFinalExtension, setFinalRestriction, setFixed, setName, setNillable, setQualified, setSubstitutionGroup, type

Inherited Functions: accept, addAnnotation, duplicate, fixup, getAnnotations, getId, getMaxOccurs, getMinOccurs, id, iterator, referenceCount, release, setId, setMaxOccurs, setMinOccurs, types



typedef Poco::AutoPtr < Element > Ptr;




Creates the Element.


    const std::string & id,
    Poco::UInt32 minOccurs,
    Poco::UInt32 maxOccurs

Creates the Element.


~Element virtual

virtual ~Element();

Destroys the Element.

Member Functions

fixup virtual

virtual void fixup() = 0;

Fixes the element definition. Should be called once for each element after the whole XSD file was parsed.

getAbstract virtual

virtual bool getAbstract() const = 0;

getBlockExtension virtual

virtual bool getBlockExtension() const = 0;

getBlockRestriction virtual

virtual bool getBlockRestriction() const = 0;

getBlockSubstitution virtual

virtual bool getBlockSubstitution() const = 0;

getDefault virtual

virtual const std::string & getDefault() const = 0;

Returns the default value of the element. Empty if no one exists.

getFinalExtension virtual

virtual bool getFinalExtension() const = 0;

getFinalRestriction virtual

virtual bool getFinalRestriction() const = 0;

getFixed virtual

virtual const std::string & getFixed() const = 0;

The fixed value of the element. Empty if no one exists.

getNillable virtual

virtual bool getNillable() const = 0;

getQualified virtual

virtual bool getQualified() const = 0;

Returns true if the element is in qualified form or not

getSubstitutionGroup virtual

virtual const QName & getSubstitutionGroup() const = 0;

hasDefault virtual

virtual bool hasDefault() const = 0;

hasFixed virtual

virtual bool hasFixed() const = 0;

hasSubstitutionGroup virtual

virtual bool hasSubstitutionGroup() const = 0;

iterator virtual

OrderIterator iterator() const;

Returns an iterator for iterating over the element's content.

name virtual

virtual const std::string & name() const = 0;

nameSpace virtual

virtual const std::string & nameSpace() const = 0;

setAbstract virtual

virtual void setAbstract(
    bool abstr
) = 0;

setBlockAll virtual

virtual void setBlockAll(
    bool block
) = 0;

setBlockExtension virtual

virtual void setBlockExtension(
    bool block
) = 0;

setBlockRestriction virtual

virtual void setBlockRestriction(
    bool block
) = 0;

setBlockSubstitution virtual

virtual void setBlockSubstitution(
    bool block
) = 0;

setDefault virtual

virtual void setDefault(
    const std::string & value
) = 0;

Sets the default value of the element.

setFinalAll virtual

virtual void setFinalAll(
    bool fin
) = 0;

setFinalExtension virtual

virtual void setFinalExtension(
    bool fin
) = 0;

setFinalRestriction virtual

virtual void setFinalRestriction(
    bool fin
) = 0;

setFixed virtual

virtual void setFixed(
    const std::string & value
) = 0;

setName virtual

virtual void setName(
    const std::string & name
) = 0;

setNillable virtual

virtual void setNillable(
    bool nillable
) = 0;

setQualified virtual

virtual void setQualified(
    bool qual
) = 0;

setSubstitutionGroup virtual

virtual void setSubstitutionGroup(
    const QName & ref
) = 0;

type virtual

virtual const Type & type() const = 0;