Library Data

Package DataCore


Classes: AbstractBinder, AbstractBinding, AbstractExtraction, AbstractExtractor, AbstractPreparation, AbstractPreparator, AbstractSessionImpl, AbstractTypeHandler, Binding, BindingException, Bulk, BulkBinding, BulkExtraction, Column, ConnectionFailedException, Connector, CopyBinding, DataException, Date, ExecutionException, ExtractException, Extraction, InternalBulkExtraction, InternalExtraction, JSONRowFormatter, LOB, LOBIOS, LOBInputStream, LOBOutputStream, LOBStreamBuf, LengthExceededException, Limit, LimitException, MetaColumn, NoDataException, NotConnectedException, NotSupportedException, Position, Preparation, Range, RecordSet, Row, RowDataMissingException, RowFilter, RowFormatter, RowIterator, Session, SessionFactory, SessionImpl, SessionPoolExhaustedException, SessionPoolExistsException, SessionUnavailableException, SimpleRowFormatter, Statement, StatementCreator, StatementImpl, Time, Transaction, Transcoder, TypeHandler, UnknownDataBaseException, UnknownTypeException

Functions: POCO_DATA_INVALID_ROW, async, bind, bulk, deque, format, from, in, into, io, limit, list, lowerLimit, now, operator <<, operator [], out, range, reset, swap, swap, swap, swap, swap, swap, sync, tupleBind, tupleExtract, tuplePrepare, upperLimit, use, useRef, vector


class AbstractBinder

Interface for Binding data types to placeholders. 

class AbstractBinding

AbstractBinding connects a value with a placeholder via an AbstractBinder interface. 

class AbstractExtraction

AbstractExtraction is the interface class that connects output positions to concrete values retrieved via an AbstractExtractor. 

class AbstractExtractor

Interface used to extract data from a single result row. 

class AbstractPreparation

Interface for calling the appropriate AbstractPreparator method 

class AbstractPreparator

Interface used for database preparation where we first have to register all data types (and memory output locations) before extracting data, e. 

class AbstractSessionImpl

A partial implementation of SessionImpl, providing features and properties management. 

class AbstractTypeHandler

Parent class for type handlers. 

class Binding

Binding maps a value or multiple values (see Binding specializations for STL containers as well as type handlers) to database column(s). 

class BindingException


class Bulk


class BulkBinding

A BulkBinding maps a value to a column. 

class BulkExtraction

Specialization for bulk extraction of values from a query result set. 

class Column

Column class is column data container. 

class ConnectionFailedException


class Connector

A Connector creates SessionImpl objects. 

class CopyBinding

Binding maps a value or multiple values (see Binding specializations for STL containers as well as type handlers) to database column(s). 

class DataException


class Date

Date class wraps a DateTime and exposes date related interface. 

class ExecutionException


class ExtractException


class Extraction

Concrete Data Type specific extraction of values from a query result set. 

class InternalBulkExtraction

Container Data Type specialization extension for extraction of values from a query result set. 

class InternalExtraction

Vector Data Type specialization for extraction of values from a query result set. 

class JSONRowFormatter

Class for JSON formatting of data rows. 

class LOB

Representation of a Large OBject. 

class LOBIOS

The base class for LOBInputStream and LOBOutputStream. 

class LOBInputStream

An input stream for reading from a LOB. 

class LOBOutputStream

An output stream for writing to a LOB. 

class LOBStreamBuf

This is the streambuf class used for reading from and writing to a LOB. 

class LengthExceededException


class Limit

Limit stores information how many rows a query should return. 

class LimitException


class MetaColumn

MetaColumn class contains column metadata information. 

class NoDataException


class NotConnectedException


class NotSupportedException


class Position

Utility class wrapping unsigned integer. 

class Preparation

Class for calling the appropriate AbstractPreparator method. 

class Range

Range stores information how many rows a query should return. 

class RecordSet

RecordSet provides access to data returned from a query. 

class Row

Row class provides a data type for RecordSet iteration purposes. 

class RowDataMissingException


class RowFilter

RowFilter class provides row filtering functionality. 

class RowFormatter

Row formatter is an abstract class providing definition for row formatting functionality. 

class RowIterator

RowIterator class. 

class Session

A Session holds a connection to a Database and creates Statement objects. 

class SessionFactory

A SessionFactory is a singleton class that stores Connectors and allows to create Sessions of the required type: Session ses(SessionFactory::instance(). 

class SessionImpl

Interface for Session functionality that subclasses must extend. 

class SessionPoolExhaustedException


class SessionPoolExistsException


class SessionUnavailableException


class SimpleRowFormatter

A simple row formatting class. 

class Statement

A Statement is used to execute SQL statements. 

class StatementCreator

A StatementCreator creates Statements. 

class StatementImpl

StatementImpl interface that subclasses must implement to define database dependent query execution. 

class Time

Time class wraps a DateTime and exposes time related interface. 

class Transaction

Transaction helps with transactions in domain logic. 

class Transcoder

Utility class used to convert string data encoding. 

class TypeHandler

Converts Rows to a Type and the other way around. 

class UnknownDataBaseException


class UnknownTypeException