class SimpleRestriction

Library: XSD/Types
Package: XSDTypes
Header: Poco/XSD/Types/SimpleRestriction.h


This class represents a simple restriction in an XML Schema.


Direct Base Classes: SimpleTypeInheritance

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject, AnnotatedObject, SimpleTypeInheritance, Visitable

Member Summary

Member Functions: accept, baseTypeRef, fixup, isList, isRestriction, isUnion, types

Inherited Functions: accept, addAnnotation, duplicate, fixup, getAnnotations, id, isList, isRestriction, isUnion, referenceCount, release, types



    const std::string & id,
    const QName & baseClass

Creates the SimpleRestriction.


~SimpleRestriction virtual

virtual ~SimpleRestriction();

Destroys the SimpleRestriction.

Member Functions

accept virtual

void accept(
    Visitor & v
) const;

baseTypeRef inline

const QName & baseTypeRef() const;

Returns the type reference of the base class.

fixup virtual

void fixup();

Replaces type references with the referenced type object.

isList virtual inline

bool isList() const;

True if we inherit by list, thus returns false.

isRestriction virtual inline

bool isRestriction() const;

True if we inherit by restriction.

isUnion virtual inline

bool isUnion() const;

True if we inherit by Union, thus returns false.

types virtual inline

const std::vector < const Type * > & types() const;

Returns the type that we inherit from.