class Attribute

Library: XSD/Types
Package: XSDAttributes
Header: Poco/XSD/Types/Attribute.h


An Attribute that defines an internal anonymous simple type.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractAttribute

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject, AbstractAttribute, AnnotatedObject, AttributeContent, Visitable

Member Summary

Member Functions: accept, defaultValue, fixedValue, fixup, nameSpace, qualifiedForm, setType, type, usage

Inherited Functions: accept, addAnnotation, defaultValue, duplicate, fixedValue, fixup, getAnnotations, hasDefault, hasFixed, id, isAny, name, nameSpace, qualifiedForm, referenceCount, release, type, usage



typedef AutoPtr < Attribute > Ptr;



    const std::string & id,
    const std::string & name,
    const std::string & nameSpace,
    const std::string & fixedValue,
    const std::string & defaultValue,
    bool qualifiedForm,
    AbstractAttribute::Usage use = AbstractAttribute::USE_OPTIONAL

Creates the Attribute.


~Attribute virtual

virtual ~Attribute();

Destroys the Attribute.

Member Functions

accept virtual

void accept(
    Visitor & v
) const;

defaultValue virtual

const std::string & defaultValue() const;

Returns the (optional) default value of the attribute. Empty if none is set.

fixedValue virtual

const std::string & fixedValue() const;

Returns the (optional) fixed value of the attribute. Empty if none is set.

fixup virtual

void fixup();

nameSpace virtual

const std::string & nameSpace() const;

qualifiedForm virtual

bool qualifiedForm() const;

Returns true if the attribute must be used qualified.

setType inline

void setType(
    SimpleType::Ptr ptr

type virtual

const SimpleType * type() const;

Returns the type the attribute uses.

usage virtual

AbstractAttribute::Usage usage() const;

Returns the usage options for the Attribute.