class Comment

File Information

Library: XML
Package: DOM
Header: Poco/DOM/Comment.h


This interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the content of a comment, i.e., all the characters between the starting '—' and ending '—>'. Note that this is the definition of a comment in XML, and, in practice, HTML, although some HTML tools may implement the full SGML comment structure.


Direct Base Classes: CharacterData

All Base Classes: AbstractNode, CharacterData, DOMObject, EventTarget, Node

Member Summary

Member Functions: copyNode, nodeName, nodeType

Inherited Functions: addEventListener, appendChild, appendData, attributes, autoRelease, bubbleEvent, captureEvent, childNodes, cloneNode, copyNode, data, deleteData, dispatchAttrModified, dispatchCharacterDataModified, dispatchEvent, dispatchNodeInserted, dispatchNodeInsertedIntoDocument, dispatchNodeRemoved, dispatchNodeRemovedFromDocument, dispatchSubtreeModified, duplicate, events, eventsSuspended, firstChild, getData, getNodeByPath, getNodeByPathNS, getNodeValue, hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, innerText, insertAfterNP, insertBefore, insertData, isSupported, lastChild, length, localName, namespaceURI, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, normalize, ownerDocument, parentNode, prefix, previousSibling, release, removeChild, removeEventListener, replaceChild, replaceData, setData, setNodeValue, setOwnerDocument, substringData, trimmedData


Comment protected

    Document * pOwnerDocument,
    const XMLString & data

Comment protected

    Document * pOwnerDocument,
    const Comment & comment


~Comment protected virtual


Member Functions

nodeName virtual

const XMLString & nodeName() const;

nodeType virtual

unsigned short nodeType() const;

copyNode protected virtual

Node * copyNode(
    bool deep,
    Document * pOwnerDocument
) const;