class AbstractNode

File Information

Library: XML
Package: DOM
Header: Poco/DOM/AbstractNode.h


AbstractNode provides a basic implementation of the Node interface for all types of nodes that do not contain other nodes.


Direct Base Classes: Node

All Base Classes: DOMObject, EventTarget, Node

Known Derived Classes: Notation, Comment, DocumentFragment, Element, ProcessingInstruction, Attr, Text, AbstractContainerNode, Document, CDATASection, EntityReference, CharacterData, DocumentType, Entity

Member Summary

Member Functions: addEventListener, appendChild, attributes, autoRelease, bubbleEvent, captureEvent, childNodes, cloneNode, copyNode, dispatchAttrModified, dispatchCharacterDataModified, dispatchEvent, dispatchNodeInserted, dispatchNodeInsertedIntoDocument, dispatchNodeRemoved, dispatchNodeRemovedFromDocument, dispatchSubtreeModified, events, eventsSuspended, firstChild, getNodeByPath, getNodeByPathNS, getNodeValue, hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, innerText, insertAfterNP, insertBefore, isSupported, lastChild, localName, namespaceURI, nextSibling, nodeName, normalize, ownerDocument, parentNode, prefix, previousSibling, removeChild, removeEventListener, replaceChild, setNodeValue, setOwnerDocument

Inherited Functions: addEventListener, appendChild, attributes, autoRelease, childNodes, cloneNode, dispatchEvent, duplicate, firstChild, getNodeByPath, getNodeByPathNS, getNodeValue, hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, innerText, insertAfterNP, insertBefore, isSupported, lastChild, localName, namespaceURI, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, normalize, ownerDocument, parentNode, prefix, previousSibling, release, removeChild, removeEventListener, replaceChild, setNodeValue


AbstractNode protected

    Document * pOwnerDocument

AbstractNode protected

    Document * pOwnerDocument,
    const AbstractNode & node


~AbstractNode protected virtual


Member Functions

addEventListener virtual

void addEventListener(
    const XMLString & type,
    EventListener * listener,
    bool useCapture

appendChild virtual

Node * appendChild(
    Node * newChild

attributes virtual

NamedNodeMap * attributes() const;

autoRelease virtual

virtual void autoRelease();

childNodes virtual

NodeList * childNodes() const;

cloneNode virtual

Node * cloneNode(
    bool deep
) const;

dispatchEvent virtual

bool dispatchEvent(
    Event * evt

firstChild virtual

Node * firstChild() const;

getNodeByPath virtual

Node * getNodeByPath(
    const XMLString & path
) const;

getNodeByPathNS virtual

Node * getNodeByPathNS(
    const XMLString & path,
    const NSMap & nsMap
) const;

getNodeValue virtual

const XMLString & getNodeValue() const;

hasAttributes virtual

bool hasAttributes() const;

hasChildNodes virtual

bool hasChildNodes() const;

innerText virtual

XMLString innerText() const;

insertAfterNP virtual

Node * insertAfterNP(
    Node * newChild,
    Node * refChild

insertBefore virtual

Node * insertBefore(
    Node * newChild,
    Node * refChild

isSupported virtual

bool isSupported(
    const XMLString & feature,
    const XMLString & version
) const;

lastChild virtual

Node * lastChild() const;

localName virtual

const XMLString & localName() const;

namespaceURI virtual

const XMLString & namespaceURI() const;

nextSibling virtual

Node * nextSibling() const;

nodeName virtual

const XMLString & nodeName() const;

normalize virtual

void normalize();

ownerDocument virtual

Document * ownerDocument() const;

parentNode virtual

Node * parentNode() const;

prefix virtual

XMLString prefix() const;

previousSibling virtual

Node * previousSibling() const;

removeChild virtual

Node * removeChild(
    Node * oldChild

removeEventListener virtual

void removeEventListener(
    const XMLString & type,
    EventListener * listener,
    bool useCapture

replaceChild virtual

Node * replaceChild(
    Node * newChild,
    Node * oldChild

setNodeValue virtual

void setNodeValue(
    const XMLString & value

bubbleEvent protected

void bubbleEvent(
    Event * evt

captureEvent protected

void captureEvent(
    Event * evt

copyNode protected virtual

virtual Node * copyNode(
    bool deep,
    Document * pOwnerDocument
) const = 0;

dispatchAttrModified protected

void dispatchAttrModified(
    Attr * pAttr,
    MutationEvent::AttrChangeType changeType,
    const XMLString & prevValue,
    const XMLString & newValue

dispatchCharacterDataModified protected

void dispatchCharacterDataModified(
    const XMLString & prevValue,
    const XMLString & newValue

dispatchNodeInserted protected

void dispatchNodeInserted();

dispatchNodeInsertedIntoDocument protected virtual

virtual void dispatchNodeInsertedIntoDocument();

dispatchNodeRemoved protected

void dispatchNodeRemoved();

dispatchNodeRemovedFromDocument protected virtual

virtual void dispatchNodeRemovedFromDocument();

dispatchSubtreeModified protected

void dispatchSubtreeModified();

events protected virtual

virtual bool events() const;

eventsSuspended protected virtual

virtual bool eventsSuspended() const;

setOwnerDocument protected

void setOwnerDocument(
    Document * pOwnerDocument


EMPTY_STRING protected static

static const XMLString EMPTY_STRING;