class Timer

File Information

Library: RemotingNG/TCP
Package: TCP
Header: Poco/RemotingNG/TCP/Timer.h


A Timer allows to schedule tasks (TimerTask objects) for future execution in a background thread. Tasks may be scheduled for one-time execution, or for repeated execution at regular intervals.

The Timer object creates a thread that executes all scheduled tasks sequentially. Therefore, tasks should complete their work as quickly as possible, otherwise subsequent tasks may be delayed.

Timer is save for multithreaded use - multiple threads can schedule new tasks simultaneously.

This is a simplified version of the Poco::Util::Timer class.


Direct Base Classes: Poco::Runnable

All Base Classes: Poco::Runnable

Member Summary

Member Functions: cancel, run, scheduleAtFixedRate

Inherited Functions: run




Creates the Timer.


~Timer virtual


Destroys the Timer, cancelling all pending tasks.

Member Functions


void cancel(
    bool wait = false

Cancels all pending tasks.

If a task is currently running, it is allowed to finish.

Task cancellation is done asynchronously. If wait is false, cancel() returns immediately and the task queue will be purged as soon as the currently running task finishes. If wait is true, waits until the queue has been purged.


void scheduleAtFixedRate(
    TimerTask::Ptr pTask,
    long delay,
    long interval

Schedules a task for periodic execution at a fixed rate.

The task is first executed after the given delay. Subsequently, the task is executed periodically every number of milliseconds specified by interval.

If task execution takes longer than the given interval, further executions are delayed.

run protected virtual

void run();