class EventListener

File Information

Library: RemotingNG
Package: Transport
Header: Poco/RemotingNG/EventListener.h


The EventListener class extends the Listener interface with methods for managing event subscriptions on the client side.


Direct Base Classes: Listener

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject, Listener

Known Derived Classes: Poco::RemotingNG::TCP::Listener

Member Summary

Member Functions: subscribeToEvents, unsubscribeFromEvents

Inherited Functions: createURI, duplicate, endPoint, getAuthenticator, getAuthorizer, handlesURI, protocol, referenceCount, registerObject, release, setAuthenticator, setAuthorizer, start, stop, unregisterObject

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < EventListener >;



    const std::string & endPoint

Creates an EventListener.


~EventListener virtual

virtual ~EventListener();

Destroys the EventListener.

Member Functions

subscribeToEvents virtual

virtual std::string subscribeToEvents(
    EventSubscriber::Ptr pEventSubscriber
) = 0;

Register an EventSubscriber to the EventListener.

The EventListener is responsible for sending a protocol-specific subscription request to the server so that events will be delivered from the server to the EventListener.

If necessary for the event delivery protocol, the EventListener is also responsible for assigning a unique ID (or URI) to the registered EventSubscriber instance.

Returns the unique URI that identifies the EventListener if the underlying transport provides one. Otherwise returns an empty string.

unsubscribeFromEvents virtual

virtual void unsubscribeFromEvents(
    EventSubscriber::Ptr pEventSubscriber
) = 0;

Unregister an EventSubscriber from the EventListener.

The EventListener is responsible for sending a protocol-specific unsubscription request to the server so that the server will no longer deliver events for this EventSubscriber.