namespace CppParser


Classes: Attributes, AttributesParser, BuiltIn, CharLiteralToken, CommentToken, CppToken, Decl, Enum, EnumValue, Function, IdentifierToken, NameSpace, NumberLiteralToken, OperatorToken, Parameter, Parser, PreprocessorToken, StringLiteralToken, Struct, Symbol, Tokenizer, TypeAlias, TypeDef, Utility, Variable

Functions: replace


class Attributes

This class stores attributes for a symbol table entry. 

class AttributesParser

A parser for POCO-style C++ attributes. 

class BuiltIn

A placeholder for a built-in type. 

class CharLiteralToken


class CommentToken


class CppToken

The base class for all C++ tokens. 

class Decl

This class represents a simple declaration in a C++ source file. 

class Enum

This class represents an enum declaration. 

class EnumValue

This class represents an enumeration value inside an enum declaration. 

class Function

This class represents a (member) function declaration. 

class IdentifierToken


class NameSpace

This class represents a namespace. 

class NumberLiteralToken


class OperatorToken


class Parameter

This class represents a parameter to a function. 

class Parser

A minimal parser for C++ (header files). 

class PreprocessorToken


class StringLiteralToken


class Struct

This class represents a struct or class declaration. 

class Symbol

This is the base class for all symbols in the symbol table. 

class Tokenizer

A Tokenizer for C++. 

class TypeAlias

This class represents a type alias definition (using). 

class TypeDef

This class represents a type definition (typedef). 

class Utility

Various helpers for parsing and analyzing C++ header files. 

class Variable

This class represents (member) variable declaration. 



std::string replace(
    const std::string & input,
    const std::string & oldToken,
    const std::string & newToken

Replaces in character input all oldTokens with the newToken