template < class TKey, class TValue >

class AbstractStrategy

Library: Foundation
Package: Cache
Header: Poco/AbstractStrategy.h


An AbstractStrategy is the interface for all strategies.

Member Summary

Member Functions: onAdd, onClear, onGet, onIsValid, onRemove, onReplace, onUpdate


AbstractStrategy inline



~AbstractStrategy virtual inline

virtual ~AbstractStrategy();

Member Functions

onAdd virtual

virtual void onAdd(
    const void * pSender,
    const KeyValueArgs < TKey, TValue > & key
) = 0;

Adds the key to the strategy. If for the key already an entry exists, an exception will be thrown.

onClear virtual

virtual void onClear(
    const void * pSender,
    const EventArgs & args
) = 0;

Removes all elements from the cache.

onGet virtual

virtual void onGet(
    const void * pSender,
    const TKey & key
) = 0;

Informs the strategy that a read-access happens to an element.

onIsValid virtual

virtual void onIsValid(
    const void * pSender,
    ValidArgs < TKey > & key
) = 0;

Used to query if a key is still valid (i.e. cached).

onRemove virtual

virtual void onRemove(
    const void * pSender,
    const TKey & key
) = 0;

Removes an entry from the strategy. If the entry is not found the remove is ignored.

onReplace virtual

virtual void onReplace(
    const void * pSender,
    std::set < TKey > & elemsToRemove
) = 0;

Used by the Strategy to indicate which elements should be removed from the cache. Note that onReplace does not change the current list of keys. The cache object is responsible to remove the elements.

onUpdate virtual inline

virtual void onUpdate(
    const void * pSender,
    const KeyValueArgs < TKey, TValue > & args

Updates an existing entry.