template < typename T >

class VarHolderImpl

Library: Foundation
Package: Dynamic
Header: Poco/Dynamic/VarHolder.h


Template based implementation of a VarHolder. This class provides type storage for user-defined types that do not have VarHolderImpl specialization.

The actual conversion work happens in the template specializations of this class.

VarHolderImpl throws following exceptions: BadCastException (if the requested conversion is not implemented) RangeException (if an attempt is made to assign a numeric value outside of the target min/max limits SyntaxException (if an attempt is made to convert a string containing non-numeric characters to number)

In order to support efficient direct extraction of the held value, all specializations must additionally implement a public member function:

const T& value() const

returning a const reference to the actual stored value.


Direct Base Classes: VarHolder

All Base Classes: VarHolder

Member Summary

Member Functions: clone, type, value

Inherited Functions: clone, cloneHolder, convert, convertSignedFloatToUnsigned, convertSignedToUnsigned, convertToSmaller, convertToSmallerUnsigned, convertUnsignedToSigned, isArray, isBoolean, isDate, isDateTime, isDeque, isInteger, isList, isNumeric, isOrdered, isSigned, isString, isStruct, isTime, isUUID, isVector, size, type


VarHolderImpl inline

    const T & val


~VarHolderImpl virtual inline


Member Functions

clone virtual inline

VarHolder * clone(
    Placeholder < VarHolder > * pVarHolder = 0
) const;

type virtual inline

const std::type_info & type() const;

value inline

const T & value() const;