class FrameHandler

File Information

Library: RemotingNG/TCP
Package: TCP
Header: Poco/RemotingNG/TCP/FrameHandler.h


A frame handler handles frames on behalf of a Connection.


Direct Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject

Known Derived Classes: FrameQueue

Member Summary

Member Functions: handleFrame

Inherited Functions: duplicate, referenceCount, release

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < FrameHandler >;

Member Functions

handleFrame virtual

virtual bool handleFrame(
    Connection::Ptr pConnection,
    Frame::Ptr pFrame
) = 0;

Handle the given frame.

If the handler accepts the frame, it should return true. In this case, the FrameHandler is responsible for returning the Frame to the Connection's Frame pool when it's no longer needed.

If the handler does not accept the frame, it should return false.