class PartHandler

File Information

Library: Net
Package: Messages
Header: Poco/Net/PartHandler.h


The base class for all part or attachment handlers.

Part handlers are used for handling email parts and attachments in MIME multipart messages, as well as file uploads via HTML forms.

Subclasses must override handlePart().


Known Derived Classes: NullPartHandler

Member Summary

Member Functions: handlePart


PartHandler protected


Creates the PartHandler.


~PartHandler protected virtual

virtual ~PartHandler();

Destroys the PartHandler.

Member Functions

handlePart virtual

virtual void handlePart(
    const MessageHeader & header,
    std::istream & stream
) = 0;

Called for every part encountered during the processing of an email message or an uploaded HTML form.

Information about the part can be extracted from the given message header. What information can be obtained from header depends on the kind of part.

The content of the part can be read from stream.