class MultipartReader

File Information

Library: Net
Package: Messages
Header: Poco/Net/MultipartReader.h


This class is used to split a MIME multipart message into its single parts.

The format of multipart messages is described in section 5.1 of RFC 2046.

To split a multipart message into its parts, do the following:

Always ensure that you read all data from the part stream, otherwise the MultipartReader will fail to find the next part.

Member Summary

Member Functions: boundary, findFirstBoundary, guessBoundary, hasNextPart, nextPart, parseHeader, readLine, stream



explicit MultipartReader(
    std::istream & istr

Creates the MultipartReader and attaches it to the given input stream.

The boundary string is determined from the input stream. The message must not contain a preamble preceding the first encapsulation boundary.


    std::istream & istr,
    const std::string & boundary

Creates the MultipartReader and attaches it to the given input stream. The given boundary string is used to find message boundaries.




Destroys the MultipartReader.

Member Functions


const std::string & boundary() const;

Returns the multipart boundary used by this reader.


bool hasNextPart();

Returns true iff more parts are available.

Before the first call to nextPart(), returns always true.


void nextPart(
    MessageHeader & messageHeader

Moves to the next part in the message and stores the part's header fields in messageHeader.

Throws an MultipartException if there are no more parts available, or if no boundary line can be found in the input stream.


std::istream & stream() const;

Returns a reference to the reader's stream that can be used to read the current part.

The returned reference will be valid until nextPart() is called or the MultipartReader object is destroyed.

findFirstBoundary protected

void findFirstBoundary();

guessBoundary protected

void guessBoundary();

parseHeader protected

void parseHeader(
    MessageHeader & messageHeader

readLine protected

bool readLine(
    std::string & line,
    std::string::size_type n