class NodeAppender

Library: XML
Package: DOM
Header: Poco/DOM/NodeAppender.h


The NodeAppender class provides a very fast way to build larger DOM documents.

In the DOM, child nodes are usually appended to a parent node using the appendChild() method. For nodes containing more than a few children, this method can be quite slow, due to the way it's implemented, and because of the requirements of the DOM specification.

While the NodeAppender is being used on an Element, no children-modifying methods of that Element must be used.

This class is not part of the DOM specification.

Member Summary

Member Functions: appendChild



    Element * parent

Creates the NodeAppender for the given parent node, which must be an Element.




Destroys the NodeAppender.

Member Functions


void appendChild(
    Node * newChild

Appends the node newChild to the end of the list of children of the parent node specified in the constructor. If the newChild is already in the tree, it is first removed.

NewChild can be a DocumentFragment. In this case, all children of the fragment become children of the parent element.

In order to speed up the function, no DOM events are fired.