class EntityReference

Library: XML
Package: DOM
Header: Poco/DOM/EntityReference.h


EntityReference objects may be inserted into the structure model when an entity reference is in the source document, or when the user wishes to insert an entity reference. Note that character references and references to predefined entities are considered to be expanded by the HTML or XML processor so that characters are represented by their Unicode equivalent rather than by an entity reference. Moreover, the XML processor may completely expand references to entities while building the structure model, instead of providing EntityReference objects. If it does provide such objects, then for a given EntityReference node, it may be that there is no Entity node representing the referenced entity. If such an Entity exists, then the child list of the EntityReference node is the same as that of the Entity node.

As for Entity nodes, EntityReference nodes and all their descendants are readonly.

The resolution of the children of the EntityReference (the replacement value of the referenced Entity) may be lazily evaluated; actions by the user (such as calling the childNodes method on the EntityReference node) are assumed to trigger the evaluation.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractNode

All Base Classes: AbstractNode, DOMObject, EventTarget, Node

Member Summary

Member Functions: copyNode, nodeName, nodeType

Inherited Functions: addEventListener, appendChild, attributes, autoRelease, bubbleEvent, captureEvent, childNodes, cloneNode, copyNode, dispatchAttrModified, dispatchCharacterDataModified, dispatchEvent, dispatchNodeInserted, dispatchNodeInsertedIntoDocument, dispatchNodeRemoved, dispatchNodeRemovedFromDocument, dispatchSubtreeModified, duplicate, events, eventsSuspended, firstChild, getNodeByPath, getNodeByPathNS, getNodeValue, hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, innerText, insertAfterNP, insertBefore, isSupported, lastChild, localName, namespaceURI, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, normalize, ownerDocument, parentNode, prefix, previousSibling, release, removeChild, removeEventListener, replaceChild, setNodeValue, setOwnerDocument


EntityReference protected

    Document * pOwnerDocument,
    const XMLString & name

EntityReference protected

    Document * pOwnerDocument,
    const EntityReference & ref


~EntityReference protected virtual


Member Functions

nodeName virtual

const XMLString & nodeName() const;

nodeType virtual

unsigned short nodeType() const;

copyNode protected virtual

Node * copyNode(
    bool deep,
    Document * pOwnerDocument
) const;