class LocalConfigurationView

Library: Util
Package: Configuration
Header: Poco/Util/LocalConfigurationView.h


This configuration implements a "view" into a sub-hierarchy of another configuration.

For example, given a configuration with the following properties: config.value1 config.value2 config.sub.value1 config.sub.value2 and a LocalConfigurationView with the prefix "config", then the above properties will be available via the view as value1 value2 sub.value1 sub.value2

A LocalConfigurationView is most useful in combination with a LayeredConfiguration.

The LocalConfigurationView only searches for the properties in the viewed Space.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractConfiguration

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject, AbstractConfiguration

Member Summary

Member Functions: enumerate, getRaw, removeRaw, setRaw, translateKey

Inherited Functions: createLocalView, createView, duplicate, enableEvents, enumerate, eventsEnabled, expand, getBool, getDouble, getInt, getInt16, getInt32, getInt64, getRaw, getRawString, getString, getUInt, getUInt16, getUInt32, getUInt64, has, hasOption, hasProperty, keys, parseBool, parseInt, parseInt16, parseInt64, parseUInt, parseUInt16, parseUInt64, referenceCount, release, remove, removeRaw, setBool, setDouble, setInt, setInt16, setInt32, setInt64, setRaw, setRawWithEvent, setString, setUInt, setUInt16, setUInt32, setUInt64



    const std::string & prefix,
    AbstractConfiguration::Ptr pConfig

Creates the LocalConfigurationView. The LocalConfigurationView retains (shared) ownership of the passed configuration.


~LocalConfigurationView protected virtual


Member Functions

enumerate protected virtual

void enumerate(
    const std::string & key,
    Keys & range
) const;

getRaw protected virtual

bool getRaw(
    const std::string & key,
    std::string & value
) const;

removeRaw protected virtual

void removeRaw(
    const std::string & key

setRaw protected virtual

void setRaw(
    const std::string & key,
    const std::string & value

translateKey protected

std::string translateKey(
    const std::string & key
) const;