template < class C, class N >

class Observer

Library: Foundation
Package: Notifications
Header: Poco/Observer.h


This template class implements an adapter that sits between a NotificationCenter and an object receiving notifications from it. It is quite similar in concept to the RunnableAdapter, but provides some NotificationCenter specific additional methods. See the NotificationCenter class for information on how to use this template class.

Instead of the Observer class template, you might want to use the NObserver class template, which uses an AutoPtr to pass the Notification to the callback function, thus freeing you from memory management issues.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractObserver

All Base Classes: AbstractObserver

Member Summary

Member Functions: accepts, clone, disable, equals, notify, operator =

Inherited Functions: accepts, clone, disable, equals, notify, operator =



typedef void (C::* Callback)(N *);


Observer inline

    const Observer & observer

Observer inline

    C & object,
    Callback method


~Observer virtual inline


Member Functions

accepts virtual inline

bool accepts(
    Notification * pNf,
    const char * pName = 0
) const;

clone virtual inline

AbstractObserver * clone() const;

disable virtual inline

void disable();

equals virtual inline

bool equals(
    const AbstractObserver & abstractObserver
) const;

notify virtual inline

void notify(
    Notification * pNf
) const;

operator = inline

Observer & operator = (
    const Observer & observer