class Utility

Library: NetSSL_OpenSSL
Package: SSLCore
Header: Poco/Net/Utility.h


This class provides various helper functions for working with the OpenSSL library.

Member Summary

Member Functions: clearErrorStack, convertCertificateError, convertVerificationMode, getLastError

Member Functions

clearErrorStack static

static void clearErrorStack();

Clears the error stack

convertCertificateError static

static std::string convertCertificateError(
    long errCode

Converts an SSL certificate handling error code into an error message.

convertVerificationMode static

static Context::VerificationMode convertVerificationMode(
    const std::string & verMode

Non-case sensitive conversion of a string to a VerificationMode enum. If verMode is illegal an InvalidArgumentException is thrown.

getLastError static

static std::string getLastError();

Returns the last error from the error stack