class UDPServerParams

Library: Net
Package: UDP
Header: Poco/Net/UDPServerParams.h


A class encapsulating UDP server parameters.

Member Summary

Member Functions: address, backlogThreshold, handlerBufListSize, notifySender, numberOfSockets, timeout



    const Poco::Net::SocketAddress & sa,
    int nSockets = 10,
    Poco::Timespan timeout = 250000,
    std::size_t handlerBufListSize = 1000,
    bool notifySender = false,
    int backlogThreshold = 10

Creates UDPServerParams.




Destroys UDPServerParams.

Member Functions

address inline

const Poco::Net::SocketAddress & address() const;

Returns the server address.

backlogThreshold inline

int backlogThreshold() const;

Size of mesage or error backlogs at which server reports backlogs back to the client. Only meaningful if notifySender() is true.

handlerBufListSize inline

std::size_t handlerBufListSize() const;

Returns the number of handler buffers allocated before buffers start being reused.

notifySender inline

bool notifySender() const;

Returns the flag inidcating whether server should send notifications back to the client.

numberOfSockets inline

int numberOfSockets() const;

Returns nuber of sockets for the server.

timeout inline

Poco::Timespan timeout() const;

Returns polling timeout.