class NamedEvent

Library: Foundation
Package: Processes
Header: Poco/NamedEvent.h


An NamedEvent is a global synchronization object that allows one process or thread to signal an other process or thread that a certain event has happened.

Unlike an Event, which itself is the unit of synchronization, a NamedEvent refers to a named operating system resource being the unit of synchronization. In other words, there can be multiple instances of NamedEvent referring to the same actual synchronization object.

NamedEvents are always autoresetting.

There should not be more than one instance of NamedEvent for a given name in a process. Otherwise, the instances may interfere with each other.


Direct Base Classes: NamedEventImpl

All Base Classes: NamedEventImpl

Member Summary

Member Functions: set, wait



    const std::string & name

Creates the event.




Destroys the event.

Member Functions

set inline

void set();

Signals the event. The one thread or process waiting for the event can resume execution.

wait inline

void wait();

Waits for the event to become signalled.