class TemplateCache

Library: JSON
Package: JSON
Header: Poco/JSON/TemplateCache.h


Use to cache parsed templates. Templates are stored in a map with the full path as key. When a template file has changed, the cache will remove the old template from the cache and load a new one.

Member Summary

Member Functions: addPath, getTemplate, instance, setLogger




Creates an empty TemplateCache.

The cache must be created and not destroyed as long as it is used.


~TemplateCache virtual

virtual ~TemplateCache();

Destroys the TemplateCache.

Member Functions

addPath inline

void addPath(
    const Path & path

Add a path for resolving template paths. The order of check is FIFO.


Template::Ptr getTemplate(
    const Path & path

Returns a template from the cache. When the template file is not yet loaded or when the file has changed, the template will be (re)loaded and parsed. A shared pointer is returned, so it is safe to use this template even when the template isn't stored anymore in the cache.

instance static inline

static TemplateCache * instance();

Returns the only instance of this cache.

setLogger inline

void setLogger(
    Logger & logger

Sets the logger for the cache.