class Any

Library: Foundation
Package: Core
Header: Poco/Any.h


Any class represents a general type and is capable of storing any type, supporting type-safe extraction of the internally stored data.

Code taken from the Boost 1.33.1 library. Original copyright by Kevlin Henney. Modified for Poco by Applied Informatics.

Modified for small object optimization support (optionally supported through conditional compilation) by Alex Fabijanic.

Member Summary

Member Functions: empty, local, operator =, swap, type


Any inline


Creates an empty any type.

Any inline

template < typename ValueType > Any(
    const ValueType & value

Creates an any which stores the init parameter inside.


Any a(13);
Any a(string("12345"));

Any inline

    const Any & other

Copy constructor, works with both empty and initialized Any values.


~Any inline


Destructor. If Any is locally held, calls ValueHolder destructor; otherwise, deletes the placeholder from the heap.

Member Functions

empty inline

bool empty() const;

Returns true if the Any is empty.

local inline

bool local() const;

Returns true if data is held locally (ie. not allocated on the heap). If POCO_NO_SOO is defined, it always return false. The main purpose of this function is use for testing.

operator = inline

template < typename ValueType > Any & operator = (
    const ValueType & rhs

Assignment operator for all types != Any.


Any a = 13;
Any a = string("12345");

operator = inline

Any & operator = (
    const Any & rhs

Assignment operator for Any.

swap inline

Any & swap(
    Any & other
) noexcept;

Swaps the content of the two Anys.

If an exception occurs during swapping, the program execution is aborted.

type inline

const std::type_info & type() const;

Returns the type information of the stored content. If the Any is empty typeid(void) is returned. It is recommended to always query an Any for its type info before trying to extract data via an AnyCast/RefAnyCast.