template < class TArgs >

class AbstractDelegate

Library: Foundation
Package: Events
Header: Poco/AbstractDelegate.h


Base class for Delegate and Expire.

Member Summary

Member Functions: clone, disable, equals, notify, unwrap


AbstractDelegate inline


AbstractDelegate inline

    const AbstractDelegate & param124


~AbstractDelegate virtual inline

virtual ~AbstractDelegate();

Member Functions

clone virtual

virtual AbstractDelegate * clone() const = 0;

Returns a deep copy of the AbstractDelegate.

disable virtual

virtual void disable() = 0;

Disables the delegate, which is done prior to removal.

equals virtual

virtual bool equals(
    const AbstractDelegate & other
) const = 0;

Compares the AbstractDelegate with the other one for equality.

notify virtual

virtual bool notify(
    const void * sender,
    TArgs & arguments
) = 0;

Invokes the delegate's callback function. Returns true if successful, or false if the delegate has been disabled or has expired.

unwrap virtual inline

virtual const AbstractDelegate * unwrap() const;

Returns the unwrapped delegate. Must be overridden by decorators like Expire.