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Package Processes


Classes: NamedEvent, NamedMutex, PIDFile, Pipe, PipeIOS, PipeInputStream, PipeOutputStream, PipeStreamBuf, Process, ProcessHandle, ProcessRunner, SharedMemory


class NamedEvent

An NamedEvent is a global synchronization object that allows one process or thread to signal an other process or thread that a certain event has happened. 

class NamedMutex

A NamedMutex (mutual exclusion) is a global synchronization mechanism used to control access to a shared resource in a concurrent (multi process) scenario. 

class PIDFile

A utility class, creating process ID file on construction and deleting it on destruction. 

class Pipe

This class implements an anonymous pipe. 

class PipeIOS

The base class for PipeInputStream and PipeOutputStream. 

class PipeInputStream

An input stream for reading from a Pipe. 

class PipeOutputStream

An output stream for writing to a Pipe. 

class PipeStreamBuf

This is the streambuf class used for reading from and writing to a Pipe. 

class Process

This class provides methods for working with processes. 

class ProcessHandle

A handle for a process created with Process::launch(). 

class ProcessRunner

ProcessRunner is a wrapper class for Poco::ProcessHandle

class SharedMemory

Create and manage a shared memory object.