Library Foundation

Package Dynamic


Classes: EqualRef, Pair, Struct, TypeInfoHash, Var, VarHolder, VarHolderImpl, VarIterator

Functions: HandlerPointer, appendJSONKey, appendJSONString, appendJSONValue, containerToJSON, isJSONString, operator !=, operator *, operator *=, operator +, operator +=, operator -, operator -=, operator /, operator /=, operator <, operator <=, operator ==, operator >, operator >=, operator [], structToString, swap


struct EqualRef


class Pair

Pair allows to define a pair of values. 

class Struct

Struct allows to define a named collection of Var objects. 

struct TypeInfoHash


class Var

Var allows to store data of different types and to convert between these types transparently. 

class VarHolder

Interface for a data holder used by the Var class. 

class VarHolderImpl

Template based implementation of a VarHolder. 

class VarIterator

VarIterator class.